Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Onchi =Koshiro
-Japanese, 1891-1955-

portrait of Sakutaro

Sakutarō Hagiwara -( Hagiwara Sakutaro ) 11-0-1886--05-11-1942 .
Was a writer of free-style verse, active in Taishö and earlyShowa period Japan.
He liberated Japanese free verse from the grip of traditional rules,
and he is considered the father of modern colloquial poetry in Japan.
He published many volumes of essays, literary and cultural criticism ,
and aphorisms over his long career.

New Road at Koide

This road, just newly opened,goes

Straight to the city, I suppose.

Dark melancholy day.

I stand at a new crossing where

A new horizon like a tear

Runs lonelily away.

The sun above a straggling row

Of huddled roof-tops huddles low...

How thin, how shorn of shade,

Stand the few trees in that sparse wood

That once so greedily sturdy stood

Before the road was made.

Such bleakness feeds my blemished mood

Of anger and incertitude

As black sorts well with black

How, how can I re-fangle me?

How be what once I used to be?

Where does the road run back?

Oh where’s that leafy road I seek

That runs to boyhood from the bleak Horizon of the town?

For this new road, which I rejectAnd will not travel,

more was wrecked

Than all those trees hacked