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Instrumental Music at Sunset
Also named Xunyang Lute and Xunyang in Moonlight, Instrumental Music at Sunset is one of the representative works of ancient Chinese lute music. The author is not known.
Beginning to be popular as early as in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the music's name was first seen in Textual Research of Contemporary Music compiled by Yao Xie (1805-1864) in the Qing dynasty. The original version was made up of six untitled sections and an epilogue. Later it was expanded into a ten-section piece. In the years between 1923 and 1925, this music was adapted by Liu Yaozhang and Zheng Jinwen into concert music of traditional string and woodwind instruments. And the name of the music was changed to the present name - Moonlight of Spring River.
Instrumental Music at Sunset is a melodious lute music that expresses emotions and feelings. Beginning with various techniques of performance, the music depicts a beautiful landscape. The following sections express a profound feeling by employing many techniques of variations, with the embellishing murmuring voices of ripples and oars at opportune moments.
Now this music is included in the repertoire of folk orchestra.

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